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COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 has accelerated workplace trends, and presents new opportunities for both employees and employers. Working from home will be a huge part of the new normal, and having robust processes and tools to support WFH is critical.

QML can help with WFH business processes, tool deployments and workflow customizations. We’re experts at working with Microsoft Teams, and can help you develop it into a full service hub to support remote operations. We’ve worked with fully-remote companies for years, and can help you navigate that space.

"Normal led to this." - Ed Yong

Training and policy are critical components of the COVID-19 response, and reopening will bring another new set of rules.

We can work with you on translating new COVID-19 policy into training modules, guidance documents, KPI’s and compliance reporting.


WFH Support

We can help you develop your WFH workflows, and implement custom processes, tools and procedures to help.

COVID-19 Training

Our professional designers and training developers can make the right COVID-19 training modules and reference documents for you.

Integrated Apps

Daily Health Checks, Incident Notifications, Visitor Logging, and PPE Inventory Management are just some of the challenges we can help you mitigate with elegant software solutions.


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