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Occupational Health & Safety Apps

Occupational Health and Safety is critical, and COVID-19 has placed new emphasis on the importance of these systems.

Many customers need a lightweight OHS system which directly addresses their critical needs, and doesn’t trap them in an expensive and overly complex piece of software. Our flexible development approach means we can provide the services and workflows you need, integrated into your existing environment. 

"Safety doesn't happen by accident" -Ancient Proverb

Whether it’s forms integrated with WorkSafeBC, training and testing, or resources for your JOHSC committee, our solutions can be tailored to your precise needs, for a low monthly user fee.

We’re fans of integrating with Microsoft Teams, but our services all operate on a standalone basis, and can be integrated into your existing workflows and platforms. These are just some examples of service combinations we can provide. Contact us today to discuss your specific operational needs.

App Examples


Health and safety forms integrated with provincial reporting systems, with custom reporting and tracking.

Teams OHS Hub

A full OHS suite, with JOHSC Resources, Forms, WHMIS Training and Testing, and PPE Inventory Management all integrated into Microsoft Teams.

JOHSC Resources

Meeting minutes for all your sites, all in one place, with notifications if they don’t get filed. Annual Training courses and New Member courses, all for a reasonable subscription fee. 


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