Operations Management

Staffing & Scheduling

Staffing and scheduling is a difficult area to find specialists in. Union agreements are often complex and poorly modelled in terms of staffing. We have access to specialists who can solve any scheduling problem, whether it’s new rotations for Emergency Rooms across the country, or complex modelling to project absences and replacement for an entire health system, QML can provide the support you need.

"If there’s one indelible fact about staff rostering, it’s this: it’s almost always more complicated than you think it’s going to be." - Chris Power

Our staffing and scheduling expertise doesn’t end there. By combining deep knowledge with our developers and designers, we can provide cost-effective software solutions that are easy to implement. No more monster contracts with overwhelming staffing systems. What our clients are looking for is effective scheduling tools that are simple to use, and don’t need an entire department of staff to keep running. 

Whether it’s vacation planning and management, brand new schedules, or support making your staffing software work the way you need it to, our team can help. Contact us to see what we can do to make scheduling systems that work for you and your employees.


Schedule Analysis

Are your staff complaining about scheduling problems? Our thorough scheduling analyses and recommendations can help you figure out what to do.

Complex Schedules

If you have a highly complex scheduling environment, we can help. 

Software Support

Whether it’s custom scheduling solutions or help making the most of your existing staffing software, we can help.


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