Content Creation

Training & Content Modules

Training modules and general content creation needs can be a big burden on an organization. At QML, we work with designers and presentation specialists to create high quality content and make it available to your staff.

Whether it’s a new training manual, an orientation video, or your annual compliance training, we can help deliver the information you need, and provide the platform to do it on.

"If learners think it looks bad, you may have lost a good percentage of the battle in getting them to pay attention." - Julie Dirkson

Very few organizations have the capacity to revamp their documentation and presentations on the schedule they need to. QML’s services can revitalize your content and also ensure your staff have easy access to the information. Need quizzes, certifications or validation of completion? Also not a problem.


Training Modules

Full training modules, with interactive testing, and grading if needed. We work with you to design complete learning experiences, available on demand. 

Guides and Handbooks

Let’s help you get your employee orientation manuals online. Not just a PDF on a sharepoint somewhere, but searchable online documents, right at your fingertips.

Content Libraries

Need a library of on-demand content? We have pre-existing modules and can work with you to create custom content libraries for your employees


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